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Icon  Adding Items

Stock items can be added using either the Drops or Stock areas.

Add a Collection Item via Drops

Step 1 - Create Drop (a drop is a collection and/or delivery of items from/to a single address)

  • Goto the Drops section.
  • Pick a collection date, van and time slot from the calendar (note that the software may suggest a more efficient date/van combination match later on).
  • Press the New Drop toolbar button.

Step 2 - Enter Drop Address

  • As the collection address may already exist in the database, enter 3 or more letters of the person's post code, name or address to search.
  • As you type, the results will automatically filter (the more you type the fewer results are shown). If the required name & address appears in the results, highlight the address and press Pick Address.
  • If the collection address is new to the system press Add Contact and enter the new address when prompted.

Step 3 - Drop Matching

If any future drops are going to the same address or a similar post code, a list appears showing a list of similar existing drops.
  • Highlight each drop in the list to show details for that drops's job (the bars at the top show the van's load for that drop's job).
  • Press OK to either add to that drop (existing drop to same address) or create new a drop using the same time slot/van for nearby matches.
  • Use the Skip Matching button to skip this step and just create the a new drop.

Step 4 - Add Item(s) to Drop

  • Press the New Collection Item toolbar button.

  • Select the item's type. Using "Quick Find" is normally easier (the "Categories" method is best for touch screens). Simply type any part of item name to search the item types template database.

Tip The item's initial status can be easily set using the drop down box at the bottom. Tick the Remember box to use this status next time.

  • Update any item specifics as required and press Save.

  • To add more items, press the New Collection Item button to repeat the process.
  • Once all of the items have been added to the drop press Save (or Save and Print Summary if a receipt printer has been setup).

About Drops Lists

A drops list or "driver's job sheet" can be printed at any time by pressing the Print Drops List toolbar button in the Drops section. This will print all of the visible drops (it is advised to pick a specific van and time slot first), to change the visible drops adjust the calendar date and/or Van & Drop Time Slot filters.

Add an Item Directly via the Stock Items section

Items may also be added directly via the Stock section, this is typically for "walk-in" donations or other items that don't have a collection drop.

Step 1 - Create Item

  • Select the Stock area.
  • Press the New Item toolbar button.

Step 2 - Enter Supplier (or Donor) Address

It is generally good practice to store each donor/supplier's address were possible as this information may be used for Gift Aided items and/or reporting purposes.

If the supplier's address is unknown or anonymous press Cancel and a "blank" donor/supplier address will be used for this item.


  • If the supplier's details may have been used before within the system, enter 3 or more letters of the person's name to search for them.
  • As you type, the results will automatically filter (the more you type the fewer results are shown). If the required name & address appears in the results, highlight the address and press Pick.
  • If supplier is not already in the database, press Add New Contact and enter the new details accordingly.

Tip You can search other fields too (such as address and post code) by dropping down the Search Within box.

Select Item's Category and Type

  • Select the item's category and type (weight) and press OK.

Check Item Details and Save

  • Update any item specifics as required and press Save.

Tip The item may not appear in the Stock section's list if no search is active or the filter criteria does not match the newly created item's details.

In most cases simply pressing List Items will make your new item(s) appear.

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