Palace IT - Software to Manage The Reuse of Furniture and Electrical Appliances.

Palace Stock Tracker 4
Palace Stock Tracker 4 is a networked Windows app for small charities and CICs involved in furniture and eletrical items reuse. Features include: per item stock management and tracking, collections & delivery management, point of sale (POS) with invoicing, contacts management, barcoding and detailed reporting. Other features include the "Palace Gift Aid Tracker" "Standard Method" Gift Aid processing management tool.

Stock Tracker 4 does not require a server and can be run on a either a single computer or a small office (UNC network share required).

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Palace Stock Tracker 5
Palace Stock Tracker 5 is a SQL Server based system for larger furniture reuse charities and CICs with higher performance and greater scalability than Stock Tracker 4. Stock Tracker 5 requires Microsoft SQL Server and more upkeep than 4 making it better suited for organisations with in-house IT.

The feature set is similar to 4 with the core changes being post code lookup integration (SQL Server subject to Royal Mail criteria) and solid performance regardless of database size or the number of users. Stock Tracker 5 also includes UI themes and Lua scripting.

Stock Tracker 5 requires a machine running SQL Server and the server app either on-site or in the cloud (requires server instance and network access via ports).

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