Palace Stock Tracker 4

Palace Stock Tracker 4 is a networked Windows app for small charities and CICs involved in furniture and eletrical items reuse. Features include: per item stock management and tracking, collections & delivery management, point of sale (POS) with invoicing, contacts management, barcoding and detailed reporting. Other features include the "Palace Gift Aid Tracker" "Standard Method" Gift Aid processing management tool.

Stock Tracker 4 does not require a server and can be run on a either a single computer or a small office (UNC network share required).

General Features
 Available to rent or buy outright.
 Easy to use downloadable multiple user application where your data is stored on your servers.
 No runtime libraries or frameworks required.
 Per item tracking with time-stamped recorded history for every item.
 Linked information (i.e. easily view all all items donated, bought and invoiced by contact).
 Client server database architecture allowing for multiple concurrent users.
 Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Windows Server (including Terminal Services) **.
 Flexible and affordable per computer licensing with central licence manager and automatic keycode downloading.
 Touchscreen component for tablet devices and some smart phones via Terminal Services (resolution requirements apply).
 On-line Getting Started Guide.
 Training courses and demonstrations always available.
 Consultancy service to add features or alter the software to your exact needs.
 Most data can be exported to CSV.
 Free trial version (after which the only limitation is new items cannot be added - the software will always let you view your data even if the licence expires).
Stock Management Features
 Item barcoding.
 Item status tracking.
 Comprehensive filters for finding stock, even across multiple locations.
 Item image/document storage including scanner/camera capture.
Stock Manager   An item's properties
Delivery and Collection Features
 Full drop management handling delivery and collection bookings for unlimited vans.
 Van capacity usage graphs to visually show van weights, number of items and number of drops.
 Smart job matching to match new drops with future drops to nearby areas or same address.
 Printable job sheets for drivers and loaders.
Deliveries and Collections   Job Detail
Sales Features
 Full Electronic Point Of Sale (EPOS) supporting barcode, number lookup or search to find stock.
 Supports customisable services (such as delivery or installation).
 VAT compliant invoices and till receipt printing.
 Touchscreen component for true front desk EPOS with delivery booking. *
 Per line invoicing and tax handling with discount and customer credit management facilities.
 Customisable invoice logo.
 Multiple invoice copies.
Creating a new invoice   EPOS touchscreen checkout
Contacts Management Features
 Contacts database with quick find (results appear as you type) for existing contacts.
 Easily create new contacts based on other contacts in the same road (less typing).
 Multiple addresses per contact.
 Contacts image/document storage including scanner/camera capture.
 Credit facility with statement printing.
Contacts area   A contact's credit
Gift Aid Tracker Features *
 Gift Aid for donated items including computer-based storage of all forms and letters generated by the software.
 Gift Aid Panel for easy and efficient Gift Aid post-sale processing. *
Scanned Gift Aid Declartation Form   Palace Gift Aid Tracker
Reporting Features
 Customisable report data templates and Excel export facility.
 Save report data templates.
Security Features
 Secured Administration area for easy system-wide management (customise item statuses, time slots, vans, categories, pre-filled weights, pricing, tax, operators and much more).
 Operator login with detailed customisable operator permissions.
 Operator activity logging.
Login screen   Operator Permissions
* Available at additional cost (see pricing)

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